1. Why should I install a fence for my property?

Whether you're looking for more privacy or security, fencing is the perfect solution. A fence is also an excellent way to boost your property's curb appeal.
Privacy-A fence can block the views of people passing by your property.
Security-Fencing keeps pets and children in and wild animals and intruders out.
Value-An ornamental fence will increase the value of your property.

2. For my fence installation, what kind of materials can I choose from?


3. How long does it take for a fence to be installed?

Our fence installation process typically takes two days, one day for setup and another for installation. Reach out to us today to install your fence in Tea, Sioux Falls, Hartford, or Harrisburg SD.

4. What kind of agricultural fences do you install?

Woven wire fences
Electric fences
Four-strand fences
Five-strand fences
Continuous panel fences

5. Does Extreme Fencing offer free estimates?

Yes we do! Get a free estimate on our services today by calling 605-261-7601.